WASD to move.
J to jump.
R to rewind.

Click anywhere within the game window after launching to enable keyboard input.

Collect three keys to unlock the exit door and escape.

This is the third video game I have ever released.  I had a lot of fun, and learned a ton while making this game.  I hope you enjoy playing Monovania, despite its bugs and missing features.


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also i am super surprised my game did better then yours in the jam, i spent like a day on it.

fun fact: my game was named monovania till i changed it lol

I was surprised that no one else submitted a game with the same name, or I would have changed it too hehehe.


Man, there is a lot of map here.  I liked the rewind as an alternative to savepoints (though once I was trying to rewind "all of that jumping and then falling and then jumping and...", I kind of wished it would go faster).  But...I made my way to the double jump ability, and then I made it back up to the starting point, and from there there was, like I said, so much map that it was hard to know where to go and which places would even lead anywhere.


Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it.